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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Pronounce you Man and Maggie!

I am fond of food and I believe I’m here on this planet to do two things; eat food and serve food. I developed this significant urge to cook superior and tasteful food and so I began experimenting with the only resource easily available; Maggie Noodles. With Maggie Noodles nobody will understand the bond I had built during my early teen years and when I saw others making Maggie “the two minute way,” I felt poor Maggie were being mortified and humiliated. You always need an art to specialize in and that leads towards perfection. To be honest for some time in my early life, I categorized people in three ways; 1- those who cook Maggie the way they are supposed to, 2- those who spend huge amount of time experimenting on its taste by adding random shit and to their surprise, its tastes even awful than the original, soon they give up and 3- who eat Maggie, but while eating they always question Maggie Noodle makers, this could’ve tasted better. I personally like people who question because they are the ones who initiate a change and instigate a conspiracy in the kitchen. I questioned. Now I can mould Maggie into whatever I want it to become.

My love for cooking Maggie Noodles went so far, that I nearly asked the guys on the ground floors who were renting a small shop in order to sell my own Maggie Noodles. Soon I started dreaming of my own Maggie place with seven different flavors. After my O levels when I asked my mom about majoring in Culinary Arts and Cooking, this is what she replied, “Haye! Mein kia bolongi logon ko, mera beta bawarchi hai”. Dreams shattered, felt lonely and life had ended. Melancholy prevailed. Well that was the last night I ever dreamt of my own Maggie place.
The idea of writing this piece is not to boast on my “Maggie Making Skills”, it’s more about the urge to quench your thirst. We are surrounded with great examples, people who made it to the newspapers. It doesn’t happen too fast from being infamous to someone legendary, making history involves a lot of struggle and determination.

Throughout these years, I have always been inspired and motivated by almost everything that comes across being successful or famous. I can imagine those school days, wanting to become a Geologist, Detective, Forensic scientist, RJ, VJ, Chef, Doctor, and Painter, constantly changing my plans in pursuit of a better and a more successful life. However, in a bizarre twist of events I could never accomplish any of the mentioned above.

I screwed my O’s, and I can’t forget the look on my mother’s face as she brought home the result sheet while I was sleeping in the middle of the day. My parents worked really hard to present us with a healthy living and during those years of school we were going through a really tough time in terms of resources. My dad had started his own business, left his job and things were very difficult but they never ever let that sacrifice come between our educations. I could feel the pain in her eyes and the highly disappointed look on my father’s face. All he said was, “we are trying our best to provide you with whatever we can, the rest is in your hand”. Right there, climax, I needed that to be what I am today. That day changed my life and I gained my lost focus which was wasted over some stupid girl who didn’t even take seconds to dump me. Teen years, I tell you!

Jan' 2009

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bliss Will Come

A soldier’s bloom
Mighty weather so cruel
An episode of survival,
An event long refute
With a rise of the sun
A new day will come

A mirage of a wounded warrior
Like hurt chest of a companion
Far across the seventh sea
A journey too far from home
With a rise of the sun
Bliss will come 

Ali Kanchwala -September 2010