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Thursday, May 9, 2013

We Don't Need A Kryptonite

It’s a magnificent world, convergence is the key and humanity is at stake. It’s a magnificent world, realism is the key and idealism is at stake. It’s a system at a downfall but there are signs for men of knowledge. Like an episode of delirium, our consciousness is being deliberated to seek avenues of ignorance and sarcasm. What have we become? Where are we heading? When will it end…?

That… I would have prolonged for the next two pages like a hypocrite, but then I said to myself, “Dude…I don’t truly give a shit”. Anyhow, this is who we are. Another bomb blast- same old psycho maniacs on the streets raping the hell out of Pakistan. That’s really old school now. My ears want something really refreshing; let us see what we’ve been through in these past five years. Bomb blasts - check, target killings – check, homicides – check, suicides – check, plane crashes (that really got the hype in 2010) – check, drone attacks – check, tax inflation – check, tax hyperinflation – check, Pakistani cricketers accused of allegations – check.  Mobile snatching, strikes, mugging, embezzlement and the rest are accounted in miscellaneous crimes and were part and parcel of the ruling Government.

I analyzed and regrouped my thoughts over constant hijacking of the brand name “Pakistan” and how it’s been negatively publicized all over the globe. When you are living in Pakistan you assume that your country is not well acknowledged in the west, but in reality your assumption only equals to a bucket of water poured from a sinking ship. It is much more of a taboo word than you thought. Remember how all the mafia and terrorist movies that were made in the early 70’s and 80 focused on Russians as villains. Now it’s all about the Arabs, Iranians or Pakistanis, that you may have also witnessed in recent top rated flicks such as The Kingdom, Green Zone, Zero Dark Thirty and Iron Man 3 to name a few.

Irrespective of all this drama and commotion, you must’ve said to yourself that you hate this country or your parents forcing you to move out of this mess. No matter how hard you try, your heart still beats during the last over when Shahid Afridi turns the losing cricket match into an exhilarating win. Your heart pumps hard when Aisam ul Haq makes a breathtaking speech even after losing the final at US Open. Believe it or not, adrenaline rushes in. We can’t escape it, but the truth is there’s a little bit of Pakistan in all of us.

Living 7,000 miles away from Pakistan, I feel I have become much closer, not only to my family but the everyday nonsense that runs on Pakistani news channels. Politics was something I took least interest in just like most of us. Never cared for elections, never voted, never campaigned for anyone because as a rule of thumb, all politicians are corrupt and I am too cool for all this lower class bullshit.  But it happened, it grew on me. It was not merely a series of dramatic performances played by politicians, it was everyday life and its significance can be witnessed as we march closer to elections 2013.

Imran Khan, PTI, Naya Pakistan, fad or revolution? It amazes me how one man’s constant struggle has caused millions of people to take interest in the least interesting, politics. Just imagine, out of the 180 million people, if only a 100 of us had done something remotely close to what he did, where exactly would we be standing as a nation? Nevertheless I can sense the winds of change. I sense an electrifying atmosphere especially amongst the youth who are persistent for change. For the first time, people feel responsible towards voting, most importantly towards their right as humans. What is interesting about Imran Khan and the likes is that they have moderated the difference between idealism and realism. A ray of hope which we have actualized, that is leading towards a revolution. It does not amaze me that people of such high talent and caliber such as CEOs, musicians, actors and authors are a part of his party.

I am sure, like me, you are also amazed to see the videos, songs and even full length movies being made on Imran Khan by the awe inspiring talent of Pakistan. Where in the world people campaign in such versatility? However, one must also give credit to social media that has united people from all backgrounds towards a common purpose. The rise of social media has not only acted as an awakening tool rather it has aided in recognizing the true talent of Pakistani people; be it videos going viral or sarcastic memes, this is just the beginning. It indeed is all very magical and we are about to witness an important historic event; not PTI winning elections, but in actual, self-empowerment. You must have heard several versions of “there are two kinds of people on this earth”, well; I will give you my own. There are two kinds of people, men and women and we don’t need a Kryptonite.